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What A Typical Day with Invisalign Looks Like

Woman putting in Invisalign clear aligner in by Winnipeg orthodontist at Dr. Tim Dumore & Team.Getting orthodontic treatment done is an incredibly personal choice, but also a very empowering one. Millions of people are getting their teeth straightened every year, and of these numbers, nearly 8 out of 10 of them reported that this procedure was one of the best things they could have ever done for themselves. Another 75 percent of them shared that getting their teeth straightened, gave them newfound confidence. However, despite many people admitting that orthodontic work has greatly improved their life, many people still hesitate about moving forward with it. We here at Dr. Tim Dumore & Team want to dispel any myths about getting Invisalign to help you better decide if this procedure is right for you.

What Can I Expect from A Day of Wearing Invisalign?

First, let’s get the biggest misconception out of the way: getting Invisalign does not hurt. Many of us may have heard from friends who had braces about how uncomfortable they are, but Invisalign is actually fairly easy to use day-to-day. Some people may notice a little bit of an ache or pressure at first, but that quickly goes away after the first couple days. Over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen can help keep it at bay.

You may not even notice any major differences in a day with Invisalign versus a day without. When you first get fitted with your trays, you may experience a slight bit of extra saliva production and some lisping as you learn how to talk around them, but again, that goes away quickly. Because you can take your aligner trays out for up to two hours per day, you don’t even have to spend extra time fussing over brushing or flossing or avoiding your favorite foods.

When you first wake up, take your Invisalign clear aligner out of your mouth and rinse it off with clean, running water. Thoroughly brush and floss your teeth while you’re cleaning your aligner. If you plan on eating breakfast immediately, you can wait until afterward to put Invisalign back in. If not, put it in right away and just take it out to eat your morning meal.

Be kind to your teeth throughout the day by avoiding fizzy drinks and coffee. Don’t chew gum when you’re wearing your trays. Pack a toothbrush with you when you go to work or school and brush your teeth immediately after meals. Even if you can’t brush your teeth, you still need to put your trays back in after eating to help keep your teeth on the right track. However, it’s best to not let trapped food remain close to your teeth. You can always rinse them out after you eat.

When you prepare for bed at night, this is a good opportunity to give your Invisalign a soak in a special cleaning solution to help sanitize them. Let them soak in the cleaner (either the brand offered by Invisalign or another recommended brand) while you brush and floss your teeth. Once they’re clean, return them to your mouth and wear them as you sleep.

As you can see, wearing Invisalign clear aligners has little bearing on your daily routine. Many people even forget that they're wearing them! For more information about Invisalign, or to set up an appointment for a consultation about them, please give us a call here at Dr. Tim Dumore & Team at 204-809-6026 today!

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