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Early Orthodontics

Child with open bite in need of orthodontic treatment by Winnipeg orthodontist at Dr. Tim Dumore & Team.Most of us believe that orthodontic work is something that is usually performed on teenagers. After all, the stereotype of the typical wearer of dental braces is the teen and trying to imagine orthodontia on younger individuals can be somewhat of a jarring thought. The reality is, though, that the sooner you start on orthodontic work with your child, the sooner we can detect issues and get them started on a healthy smile later on in life. We here at Dr. Tim Dumore & Team strongly believe that the sooner your child gets diagnosed and treated for orthodontic issues, the better it will be for them.

Does My Child Need Orthodontic Work?

Your child will start to get their primary teeth around age six months, but by the time they turn six years of age, their first molars will start to show up in the back of their mouth. At this age, we can finally start to determine if your child will have orthodontic issues. During your child’s first orthodontic exam, we will thoroughly assess their mouths to see if there are any problems with their teeth if they will have adequate for their permanent teeth, and make sure there are no complications with their bite.

There are many different orthodontic issues that we can observe during your child’s appointment. These issues can arise from a variety of factors, whether it is due to genetics, disease, or they sustained trauma to their mouth. Contrary to popular belief, orthodontic work does not just involve dental braces to correct crooked teeth.

For many of our little patients, for instance, we may encounter problems with dental crowding. That means that there is not enough space for their teeth in their mouth. Your child may also have an underbite, an overbite, or a crossbite. They may have uneven gaps and spaces between their teeth, or we may find that there are complications due to thumb sucking or mouth breathing earlier in life.

While most people think that orthodontic work is reserved exclusively for braces, that is just one of the many services we offer to your child. In the past, we may have had to remove teeth to address crowding, but a palatal spacer may work as effectively without requiring the removal of teeth. Another appliance that we may recommend to your child includes headgear, which typically needs to be worn for 12 hours per day to help with jaw alignment issues or to help shift your teeth into a better position.

Regardless of what we encounter during your child’s exam, if we see any problems, we will recommend treatment for your child if they need it. While most orthodontic work begins at age 9, we may start your child on treatment as early as age 7. The sooner we start your child on orthodontic treatment, the better the outcome will be for them. Fixing your child’s orthodontic problems is not just about having a pretty smile; failure to catch orthodontic issues can lead to pain, difficulty speaking and eating, and chipped and broken teeth.

To learn more orthodontics, and if early orthodontic intervention can benefit your child, please give us here at Dr. Tim Dumore & Team a call at 204-809-6026 today!

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