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We are now running our regular office hours! We do have some changes though, so please read our What You Need to Know document.

Traditional Metal Braces
in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Close up of smile with red traditional metal braces in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.Orthodontics today includes a wide variety of options, but traditional metal braces are still the most efficient way for us to have the greatest control in the movement of your teeth. Using a bracket and wire system, Dr. Dumore can take a very hands-on approach in moving teeth into the correct position. Traditional braces are the most cost-effective way to make a large impact.

Traditional metal braces are made using stainless steel and titanium. They are highly durable and have been found to be very effective. Today, there are options such as self-ligating braces which means that the wire tightens continuously on their own, and lingual braces which are metal brackets placed on the backside of your teeth opposed to the front. The most commonly seen metal braces are the brackets and wire on the outside of your teeth.

A bad bite, known as a malocclusion, can be one of many possibilities. Patients who seek braces tend to have one of the following:

•  Overbite: An overbite is an overjet of the upper jaw. This means the upper and lower jaw are not aligning when you bite. An overbite can cause pain in the jaw joint and sometimes affect a persons speech.
•  Underbite: An underbite is an overjet of the bottom jaw. This can be problematic when chewing and give the patient an appearance of a facial abnormality as the chin protrudes.
•  Crossbite: A crossbite is when the upper jaw rests inside the lower jaw on one or both sides. This can increase dental problems and effect the jaw joint, or TMJ, causing pain and discomfort.
•  Overcrowding: Teeth that have insufficient space tend to overcrowd and cause havoc. We can help the teeth have proper spacing, which may including extraction.

How are braces placed?

Metal braces use brackets and wires. Before we place the brackets we will review and discuss your goals; brackets are not always placed on every tooth, each case will differ. With a plan in place, we will clean the teeth, and then cement the brackets onto the surface of the teeth. With the brackets secured, we then place a wire into the brackets. This wire is tightened by Dr. Dumore to make the adjustments according to the treatment plan.

Once the braces are set and in place, we will want to see you for regular tightenings. During your tightening appointments, we will be able to monitor the progress and make adjustments as needed.

Caring For Your Braces

Taking precautions and caring for your braces is important. You may need to eliminate certain foods from your diet, and you will need to take extra time when you brush. Brushing and flossing with your braces may take a bit of skill, but we can provide you tips and information to help.

Not sure what option is best for you? Check out additional resources:

Contact Us for Braces

At Dr. Tim Dumore & Team, we can help you have the look and function you want from your teeth. Correcting your bite is important to your oral health. For more information on metal braces, contact our Winnipeg Manitoba MB R3J 0P1, Canada office at: 204-809-6026
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2541 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Monday - Friday, 8am - 4:30pm

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