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In-Ovation® Self-Ligating Braces
in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Woman wearing a hat and smiling with In-Ovation self-ligating braces in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.In-Ovation® Braces use a bracket and wire system, similar to traditional braces, with the addition of self-ligating brackets. This means that the bracket is designed with a clip to hold the wire in place, no rubber bands needed. Compared to traditional braces, the result of having In-Ovation® Braces placed will be a significant reduction in wear time and fewer office visits. In general, most patients can expect about one-third shorter appointments; reduced overall treatment time with fewer adjustments, the ability to keep your braces cleaner, along with greater comfort. Our staff at Dr. Tim Dumore & Team work hard to provide the orthodontic work that suits each of our patients. We can help you improve your bite.

In-Ovation® Braces come in both metal and clear ceramic brackets. The metal brackets are smaller than traditional brackets, and the ceramic brackets along with a clear wire will be nearly invisible.

Known as self-ligating braces, In-Ovation® braces use a clip, or small metal door, to hold the wires instead of the standard elastic ties. This may seem simple, but it provides patients with some advantages, including:

•  Simply open and close the bracket: In-Ovation braces allow us the ability to change your wire much more quickly, this is because we do not need to remove or place bands.
•  Smaller Look to your Brackets: Without the bulk of bands and ties, the overall size of the bracket will appear smaller and less obvious.
•  Ability to Clean Easier: One of the larger downsides to braces is the struggle to brush away plaque and debris from on and around the brackets. By removing the bands, patients find cleaning their braces much easier.
•  Archwire to Exert Force: Applying the archwire to the free moving brackets allows the wire to do its job without the added pressure of bands to prevent movement. Pressure from the arch wire is allowed to freely move with each clip, this, in turn, delivers specific pressure to each tooth, which is beneficial to your treatment.

In-Ovation® Facts

Woman smiling with In-Ovation self-ligating braces in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.We love the In-Ovation® system, and we think you will too, here are some of the characteristics we think you will love:

What makes In-Ovation® Braces different?

In-Ovation® braces are different in how they hold the wire in place. This system is designed with self-ligating brackets, meaning they have a clip that opens and closes to hold the wire. No bands, no ties. Patients find this free movement of the wire to be more comfortable, with less friction to each tooth.

Are In-Ovation® Braces beneficial for adults?

In general, people think of orthodontics for their teens, but increasingly, adults are seeking that perfected smile. Everyone can benefit, both aesthetically, and in their oral health, by correcting their bite.

Variations of In-Ovation® Braces

In-Ovation® braces are available in some styles providing attributes to suit a variety of needs. In-Ovation® R comes in a smaller bracket, helping them be more discreet. In-Ovation® C are clear ceramic brackets.

Not sure what option is best for you? Check out additional resources:

Contact Us about In-Ovation® Braces

Dr. Dumore can help you have the right orthodontic treatment specific to your needs, which may include In-Ovation® Braces. Contact us at our Winnipeg Manitoba MB R3J 0P1, Canada office for more information at: 204-832-3910.

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2541 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Monday - Friday, 8am - 4:30pm

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Dr. Tim Dumore & Team can help you have the right orthodontic treatment specific to your needs, which may include In-OvationĀ® Braces.
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