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Meet the Team

Dr Tim Dumore
Dr. Tim Dumore
About Dr. Tim Dumore
Bio coming soon!

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Dr Kris Row
Dr. Kris Row
About Dr. Kris Row
We are pleased to have Dr. Kris Row joining us in the clinic from time to time.
Dr. Row went to Queen's University for his Bachelor of Arts, The University of Toronto for his Doctor of Dental Surgery and then became an Orthodontist at the University of Manitoba. He practiced orthodontics in St. Vital from 1988 - 2011 before moving to Beijing, China where he taught orthodontics! Kris has a daughter, Kendall and a son, Dylan. Currently he teaches at the graduate clinic at the University of Manitoba. In his spare time, Kris loves motorcycles, painting, sculpting, playing hockey and traveling.

What was your favorite TV show when growing up? Dr. Who

If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? Greek Islands. Hoping!

Did you know, Dr. Row was a first round draft pick by the Leafs? Beijing Leafs of the International Hockey League. 2011

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Jen Orthodontic Assistant
Orthodontic Assistant
About Jennifer
Jennifer graduated in 2010 from CDI College as a registered dental assistant. She then attained her orthodontic module in 2011 and completed her scaling module in 2013. Jennifer started with our team in November 2015. In 2014, she married Ruben. Jennifer and her husband share a great enthusiasm for the outdoors. She enjoys camping, canoe trips, hiking and biking. Jennifer also enjoys baking, playing board games and is a proud leader of a young adult group at her church.

What's the strangest talent you have? Maybe not really a talent, but I love to whistle!

What is the best/memorable vacation you've ever had? As a child my family did a month road trip to the east coast! I have also been to the west coast!

If you could have dinner with someone who is alive or dead, who would it be and why? I would choose my grandparents because they passed away when I was young.

If you could speak another language, which would it be? I've always been intrigued by sign language.

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Lynn Office Manager
Office Manager
About Lynn
Lynn is the Office Manager and has been with the Team since the very beginning. Lynn and her husband Ross live in St. James with their three kids, Paul, and twins, Jesse and Leanne. Lynn loves all animals, just ask her about her pet Chippy!

What is the best vacation you have ever been on? My honeymoon in Alaska, and The Yukon. The mountains are my favorite place to be!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? I would go to Haida Gwaii.

Do you have any weird fears? I have had a clown phobia since I was a young girl and my kids think this is hilarious.

What is the first thing you bought with your own money? One of the first things I bought with my own money was a 45 record of The Archies, Sugar Sugar.

What is your most played song on your iPhone? Stairway to Heaven.

What is the best concert you have ever been to? The best concert I have been to (so far) is Pearl Jam.

Greatest achievement in life? The greatest achievement in my life are my kids, they are the best people I know.

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Jen Treatment Coordinator 764
Treatment Coordinator
About Jen
Jen has been with the Team for 12 years as one of our Treatment Coordinators! She and her husband Kyle live in Headingley with their twin boys, Bryn and Brice.

What’s your favorite holiday and why? I love CHRISTMAS and everything about it. I love being with family and friends, buying gifts for other people and decorating my home.

If you were on death row, what would your final meal be? Santa Maria Pizza from Thompson!

What is your favorite outdoor activity? I really enjoy golfing with my husband and my girlfriends.

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Kelly Orthodontic Assistant 764
Orthodontic Assistant
About Kelly
Kelly is an orthodontic assistant who has been with the Team since 2006. She lives in Crestview with her husband, Brent and her sons Evan and Ryan. When Kelly isn't attending all of her son's sporting events she likes to read. Kelly also makes the BEST artichoke dip you will ever have.

What is your favorite sport to watch? I love watching my son's baseball games in the summer. Grab a lawn chair, a bag of sunflower seeds and a Slurpee and you are set!

What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time? I crochet scarves. I taught myself by watching YouTube videos, and have not learned to make anything other than scarves!

What is your favorite food? I love barbecued steak with potatoes and corn on the cob!

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Leanne Orthodontic Assistant
Orthodontic Assistant
About Leanne
Leanne is one of our orthodontic assistants who has been with the team since 2008. Leanne resides in St. James with her husband Kevin, their beautiful daughter Charlotte, and their adorable dogs Toby and Charlie. Leanne enjoys seeing the smile on her patient's faces after their braces have been removed!

At which store would you like to max-out your credit card? Sephora! I love makeup!

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do? I would sell my house and travel the world!

What was your favorite TV shows when growing up? Saved by the bell and Full House!

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Tammy Treatment Coordinator
Treatment Coordinator
About Tammy
Tammy is one of our Treatment Coordinators and started with the Team in 2008. She loves trying new restaurants and spending time with her family. Tammy enjoys hot yoga classes and traveling with her friends.

Can you play any instruments? I used to play the organ. I was even in organ competitions.

Do you have any strange phobias? I am terrified of balloons. I hate the way they... no, I can't even think about them enough to finish this sentence

What is your favorite sport to watch? I love watching golf, and of course, hockey. There's nothing better than sitting at a Jets game with a cold beer in hand!

If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? -Thailand. I want to experience the beaches, cold drinks and the delicious food.

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Chantel Orthodontic Assistant
Orthodontic Assistant
About Chantel
Chantel is one of our fabulous orthodontic assistants! She graduated from dental assisting in 2006. She currently lives in St. Vital with her husband Dennis, their daughter Jordyn and twins Ruby and Jack. Chantel is also a marriage commissioner and has performed ceremonies for a few fellow Dumore staff members. Chantel loves interacting with patients!

What is your favorite Christmas movie? Home Alone 1 and 2! I loved them as a kid, and now I watch them with my kids.

What is the #1 most played song on your iPod? Sugarland's All I Want To Do!

If you were on death row what would your final meal be? Chips and dip, I feel like they deserve their own food group!

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Megan Orthodontic Assistant
Orthodontic Assistant
About Megan
Megan graduated from Red River college Dental Assisting in 2009 and has been working with Dr. Dumore and team ever since! She enjoys working with patients in the clinic and at the front desk. She loves being a Mom, mostly so she can act like a kid again herself.

Favourite movie: The Wedding Singer - romance, comedy, 80s music, what's not to love?

Favourite time of year: Summer! I love the beach, campfires, hot weather and sunshine! Not to mention water balloon fights with the kids!

Last meal on death row:Probably just the largest piece of chocolate you can find

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Ashley Orthodontic Assistant
Orthodontic Assistant
About Ashley
Ashley joined the team in 2011! One of Ashley's favorite things to do in life is travel and see new places. In her spare time she is probably dreaming up her next big adventure.
Ashley says that the best part of her job is seeing the new confidence that patients have after their orthodontic experience!

What was your dream job growing up? I started out life wanting to be a ballerina; I actually still really love the ballet. After a few trips to Disneyland I wanted to be a flight attendant.

What is your favorite holiday? Hands down, CHRISTMAS! I love the season and everything about it.

Where was your most memorable vacation? I think I would have to say my trip to Ireland in 2014. Driving on the wrong side of the road, and no speed limits on single lane country roads was definitely an adventure!

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Karleen Orthodontic Assistant
Orthodontic Assistant
About Karleen
Karleen is our orthodontic assistant who joined the team in August 2013! She and her boyfriend Craig have a Bull Mastiff mix dog named Stanley that they rescued from the Humane Society. Karleen loves spending time with her family and friends at Grand Beach.

What's Your Favorite Meal? Tacos!... Or anything Mexican. I often have taco Tuesday at my house.

The best vacation you've ever had? It would be either New York, or Paris. My mom and I went on these trips together, and it was a great experience!

Share a funny incident in your life: I fainted during my job interview here at Dr. Dumore & Team and had to get stitches on my chin... But they still hired me!

What is your favorite sport to watch? Hockey! I am a Boston Bruins fan, but also love the Winnipeg Jets.

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Rachel Office Administrator
Office Administrator
About Rachel
Rachel is our Office Administrator and first came to the Team as a patient in 2000. When Rachel is not managing the front desk, you will find her out and about with her husband, family and friends. She says she is outdoorsy, but outdoorsy to her means sun tanning and swimming in pristine lakes.

Can you play any instruments? It is my goal to play the piano like Chris Martin from Coldplay. I have a ways to go.

What is your favourite holiday? Thanksgiving! A holiday in a beautiful season to celebrate being grateful. What could be better than that?

What is your favourite movie ? How about my top 3: Catch Me If You Can (Leo forever), My Girl (it's a classic!), and Pride & Prejudice (the Colin Firth 6 hour one). I could and do watch these movies over and over.

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Jenn Office Administrator
Office Administrator
About Jenn
Jenn works behind the scenes carrying out administrative and book keeping duties. She and Tim have three children who keep her busy at times, mainly as a chauffeur. They also have three dogs and two pet rats. She sings in a community choir, likes to canoe, bike, garden and read. She also volunteers at the kids' schools and at church.

What was your favorite TV show when growing up? -Gilligan's Island

What was your favorite toy as a kid? - Barbies

Can you play any instruments? - Piano

What is your favorite sport to watch? - Jets Hockey

If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? - Fiji and stay in an overwater bungalow

What is your favorite outdoor activity? - canoeing or downhill skiing or snorkeling

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Chelsea Orthodontic Assistant
Orthodontic Assistant
About Chelsea
Chelsea started with the team in March 2016! She is also a previous patient of Dr. Dumore's! Chelsea grew up in Sanford but now lives in Charleswood. In her spare time she loves to bake, go to yoga, play the ukulele, golf and hang out with her family and friends. She has always dreamed of traveling to Australia, New Zealand and Iceland.

At which store would you like to max-out your credit card? Aritzia - I absolutely love all of their clothing and shopping.

If you could speak another language, which would it be and why? Spanish - It's such a beautiful language and I find the culture stunning.

What is your favorite restaurant? Anything with pizza! :)

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Janine Treatment Coordinator
Treatment Coordinator
About Janine
Janine is one of our Treatment Coordinators and joined the team in June 2016. She lives is Westwood with her husband Paul and their three daughters Lauren, Jennifer and Sarah. They are all enjoying spending time with the new addition to their family, an English Springer Spaniel named Daisy.

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Tamera Orthodontic Assistant
Orthodontic Assistant
About Tamera
Tamera graduated from dental assisting at Red River in 2014. She became a member of the team in February 2017. She grew up in Steinbach, but has lived in Winnipeg for 4 years now. She loves spending time with her family, watching movies, going for walks, and crafting. She has a ginger cat named Pippin, who just turned 10! :)

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Breanna Orthodontic Assistant 764
Orthodontic Assistant
About Breanna
Bio coming soon!

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Mariya Orthodontic Assistant
Orthodontic Assistant
About Mariya
Bio coming soon!

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