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Types of Braces

Group photo of Dr Dumore's staff - Dr. Dumore Orthodontist in Winnipeg. There are options when considering braces. Many patients are aware of the traditional metal braces, which may be sufficient for many, but there are other various styles to suit every person and lifestyle. At Dr. Dumore & Team Orthodontics we are happy to evaluate your needs, show you your options, and make recommendations based on your situation. Dr. Dumore knows that our patients come from many different stages in life, and he wants you to get the orthodontic care that you need to improve your bite, function, and aesthetics. We ask that our patients become knowledgeable in their options in order to find their best fit.

Various styles of braces includes:

Clear Braces

Clear braces uses ceramic materials. Ceramic is shaded to match your teeth, making the brackets less visible. Many patients find this to be aesthetically much more pleasing versus metal braces. Ceramic braces are most often used on older teenagers and adult patients who have cosmetic concerns.

Ceramic brackets are not as durable as metal brackets, breakage can occur, patients need to take extra caution with their ceramic brackets. Learn more about Clear Braces by Tim Dumore & Team.

Clear Aligners

Dr. Dumore can customize a series of clear plastic aligners that fit over your teeth, serving as a modern twist to traditional braces. Patients change their aligner to the next one in the series every so many prescribed days. This system is quickly becoming a favorite, particularly with our adult orthodontic patients because the aligners are clear and almost invisible. Not only invisible, but the aligners are also removable, allowing our patients to remove them while they eat and drink.. Patients also love how easy it is to brush and floss, no working around brackets and wires.

In-Ovation® Braces

In-Ovation® braces are self-ligating brackets. That means they use a clip that is built into the bracket to hold the wire in place. No more rubber bands. This system works with the wire to control movements during alignment. Traditional braces use elastic ties or wire to hold the wire tightly in place, which can cause more friction and discomfort. Learn more about In-Ovation® self-ligating braces by Tim Dumore & Team.

Traditional Metal Braces

The most common style of braces applied is the traditional metal brackets and wires. This system is tried and true, with results that patients trust and offers Dr. Dumore the most hands on control of your teeth as they move into position. Traditional metal braces are considered the most cost effective and treatment effective.

Not sure what option is best for you? Check out additional resources:
At Dr. Dumore & Team Orthodontics, we understand that our patients come in all ages, and in all phases. We are proud to offer so many variations to get the orthodontic work done that can improve our patient’s bite and the positioning of their teeth. Dr. Tim Dumore is available to answer all of your questions about braces, including what style may be most appropriate for your situation. For more information, contact our Winnipeg Manitoba MB R3J 0P1, Canada office at: 204-832-3910
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Types of Braces: Metal, Clear, More | Braces Winnipeg | Dr. Tim Dumore & Team
Thinking about braces? Learn about the different kinds of braces. We can offer many different types to our Winnipeg Orthodontic patients.
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