Patient Forms

  • Your appointment will begin reviewing your health history form with our Treatment Coordinator. We will take photos of how your teeth and bite align. It is important to us that our patients leave the office with a clear understanding of their specific needs and have all of their questions answered.
  • Dr. Dumore will review the photos and do the exam. He will then recommend a customized orthodontic plan specifically tailored to your needs. We will always schedule adequate time to answer questions. However, we will gladly arrange a follow up appointment should you require additional information.
  • The Treatment Coordinator will discuss your financial options with you and prepare a custom plan that works within your budget. We do not bill insurance directly but any time a payment is made we will provide you with the standard dental claim form required to be reimbursed from your insurance company.
  • We can book your appointment to get you started on your journey to a smile you can feel confident about!