Scholarship Application

Dr. Tim Dumore & Team’s Scholarship Application

One of the goals of Dr. Dumore is to encourage our patients to strive for excellence and to promote continuing education.

We are pleased to announce our Dr. Tim Dumore & Team’s Orthodontics Senior Student Scholarship.

This scholarship is $1000 towards secondary education. It will be awarded to two high school seniors who are either a past or current patient of Dr. Dumore. The scholarship funds will be payable to the university or college of the recipient’s choice.

We want to invest in the success of our patient’s future by providing scholarship funds to help with the financial burden of their further education.

Criteria for selection

  • Scholarship Application Form [PDF]
  • Letter of Reference from a member of the administration or educational staff at your school
  • Letter of Acceptance to secondary education program
  • 500 Word Essay
  • Existing or Previous Patient of Dr. Tim Dumore

We invite you to apply for this scholarship and it is our hope that our contribution to your education will encourage you to strive for excellence in your education and in your future.

We wish all Senior Students all the best as they plan for the next chapter of their lives.

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