Testimonials About Dr. Dumore & Team

If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!


“Having braces can be a difficult process for many; however, Dr. Dumore & Team made it lots of fun!

“In addition to the incredible technical job that Dr. Dumore and his team did, I was so grateful for the ‘fashion’ advice that everyone offered (when picking elastic colours), the flavored examination gloves, games and prizes, and the overall friendly atmosphere of the office. I looked forward to each of my appointments, and still stop by sometimes, just to say hi!

“I am an actor. As such, my smile is very important because I am constantly marketing myself based on my appearance. With the help of Dr. Dumore and his awesome team, I now audition and perform with the confidence that only comes from having a shining, straight smile.


“I would love to say how happy I am with my treatment. This morning, while eating my breakfast I thought about never taking for granted my new ability to bite with confidence and comfort. Thank you!


As an adult, it’s not always fun hearing “you need braces”. I didn’t think my teeth were that bad … but I didn’t know how amazing they could be. Dr. Dumore and his staff are extremely experienced, with quick appointments, a dynamic work environment, and state of the art equipment.

From my first appointment to my last, I have felt like a part of their family. Dr. Dumore and his staff are next to none ! I can’t stop smiling, and I can’t thank them enough !


Here are my top ten reasons for choosing Dr. Dumore & Team…

10. Varied selection of the “newest” magazines in your waiting room
9. Hot chocolate on those brutal winter days
8. Caring & thoughtful group of people (birthday wishes, get-well basket, and just asking about the well being of me and my family)
7. Efficiency – I swear I never had to wait long for my name to be called.
6. Love the fully stocked brushing station.
5. Current (and cool) technology for accuracy in planning
4. Someone is always available to answer my questions or tend to a loose bracket/broken wire…
3. Professional, friendly, and stress-free atmosphere
2. Informative Consultation – Dr. Dumore & Team know their stuff and give you options to help you achieve that perfect alignment & smile.

And the number one reason for choosing Dr. Dumore & Team…(drumroll)

1. TIM BUCKS!!! (Yes, even adults enjoy them 🙂 )