When To Start

When You Should Consider Orthodontics to Straighten Your Teeth

At Dr. Tim Dumore & Team Orthodontics, you do not need a referral from your dentist to start. If you’re curious about what it could take to feel confident about your smile, contact us today to set up a consultation!

It is appropriate to see an orthodontist any time you have a question or concern about the alignment of your teeth or bite. Some misalignments, like a pronounced overbite, are more obvious than others. You may have difficulty with ordinary parts of your day like speaking, biting or chewing.

Other orthodontic concerns may not be as obvious. Issues like mouth breathing, clenching, or grinding your teeth, or the inability to close your lips comfortably may also be appropriate reasons to seek out orthodontic attention. If your jaws seem to shift in position, make popping sounds, if you frequently and unintentionally bite your cheek, or suffer chronic jaw pain, these may also be signs of an orthodontic issue.

Orthodontics For Children

The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends that children have an orthodontic exam by age 7. Early detection can save a child from more invasive orthodontic treatments later, and often active orthodontic treatment won’t begin until ages 9-14.

Orthodontists are specially trained and qualified to examine the wide disparity of tooth development in young children. Only a skilled orthodontist can tell if a child may have an orthodontic issue when looking at an array of permanent teeth, remaining baby teeth, and new spaces. Other common childhood issues that may benefit from orthodontic treatment include early or late loss of baby teeth, persistent thumb sucking, tongue thrusting and mouth breathing.

It’s also beneficial for a child to see an orthodontist because there are many conditions that will be much easier and quicker to treat if they’re caught at an early age. For example, if a child has a crossbite or narrow upper palate, an orthodontic appliance can effectively treat this problem gradually. If left untreated, this same condition in an adult must be treated by oral surgery.

Orthodontics For Adults

Do you struggle with sleep apnea? Are you insecure about your smile? Do you suffer from jaw pain? Are you noticing wear on your teeth? Consider orthodontic treatment! Beginning your orthodontic journey as an adult is more common than you might think. With over 30% of our patient base being adults, we are confident you’ll feel comfortable here.

At your initial consultation, you will meet with our Treatment Coordinators and Dr. Tim Dumore. We will take photos of your bite and smile and discuss which treatment plan option might best suit your needs.

Many of our adult cases include interdisciplinary work with other specialists to bring you a smile and bite you can feel confident about. Be sure to check out our Before & After Gallery to see the difference orthodontic treatment can make!